Gold Detail

Express Detail


  • On-Site Service

  • Foam Cannon Pre Soak & Rinse

  • Scratch Free Hand Wash 

  • Micro Fiber Hand Dry

  • Removal of Bugs/Tar

  • Detail Wheel Faces

  • Brush Wheel Barrels

  • Clean Wheel Wells

  • Degrease Tires

  • Non-Sling Tire Shine

  • Gas Cap Detail

  • Signature UV Protection Wax

  • Clean Exterior Windows


  • Thorough Vacuum of Cabin

  • Detail Dash & Console Areas

  • Deep Clean Cup Holders

  • Wipe Steering Wheel/Door Panels

  • Dust Vents & Gauges

  • Clean Interior Windows

  • Deep Clean All Rubber Mats

  • Wipe Door Jambs

  • Fresh Scent

Cars $105

Mid-size $115

Large $130

Diamond Detail

Most Popular Choice


  • On-Site Service

  • Includes Gold Detail

  • Undercarriage Rinse

  • Clean & Dress Plastic Trim

  • Wax Door Jambs

  • Long Lasting Sio2 Tire Dressing Coating

  • Complete Clay Bar Service Removing Embedded Contaminants in Paint & Glass

  • Paint & Glass Surfaces Receive a Layer of Carpro Reload *Carpro Reload Will Provide Up To 8 Months Of Protection*


  • Degrease & Protect All-Weather Mats

  • Meticulously Vacuum Interior/Trunk

  • Deep Clean Dash/Console & Door Panels

  • Steam Clean All Interior Surfaces

  • Nourish All Plastic with a UV Protective Dressing

  • Clean & Condition All Leather

  • Shampoo All Carpet/Carpeted Mats & Cloth Seats Using a Premium Hot Water Extractor

  • Removal of All Door Entry Scuffs/Skid Marks From Shoe Transfer

  • Spot Treatment/Stain Removal

  • Clean Interior & Exterior Windows

  • Detail Door Jambs

  • Fresh Scent

  • (Basically the highest level of interior detail possible)

Note - these are base prices, if the vehicle is excessively dirty these prices are subject to change

Cars $270

Mid-size $315

Large $345

Xclusive Detail

Paint Enhancement


This package begins with all exterior services in our Gold & Diamond Detail + fallout removal & a complete clay bar service which will ensure all contaminants are removed from your paintwork & wheels. Next, your vehicles paint will receive a single stage paint correction to permanently boost gloss, clarity and shine. We then finish with a high quality wax that will protect your investment for months to come!

The approach is meticulous, but the results are extraordinary.

Starting at $190

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