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Xclusive Detailing is a mobile car detailing service. We bring everything required to complete any of our curated detailing packages to your place of residence which creates a seamless and convenient customer experience. We proudly serve the Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and surrounding areas.

From our interior car detailing services to our exterior, no place goes untouched. We take pride in cleaning all of the cracks and crevices that would otherwise go untouched by a car wash. We always bring a variety of tools that are used for specific situations making sure your vehicle will look better than the day it was bought!

We don't scratch

Local drive-through car washes carry dirt and debris that will scratch your paint's clear coat leaving behind unwanted swirls that are easily visible in direct sunlight. These washes put your car at severe risk of paint damage. Xclusive Detailing uses the most gentle microfiber cloths and safest way of washing, the two bucket method, to help prolong the life of your paint.

Swift checkout

No cash on you? No problem! Have your car detailed and looking it's best without having to run to a nearby ATM. Xclusive Detailing uses "Square" card readers for a quick & convenient checkout. We accept the major credit cards below.

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Stephanie G.

Sal did a fabulous job on my car...inside and out! He was very professional and is very passionate about his work. I cannot recommend him enough. My car looks as nice as it did when I first bought it. Many thanks!

Randy L.

Very respectful and thorough! My car looks like it's brand new and they removed the smell of cigarettes from the previous owner. The seats and the plastics have their color restored, the headlights are restored and I couldn't be happier with the result. Definitely worth the money.

Ashley T.

Sal did an absolutely amazing job. When I first took my car to him it hadn’t been cleaned inside or outside since I bought it in 2019 and when I picked it up it looked like I had just bought it. He was completely honest, professional, and knew exactly what I needed while making sure to communicate with me if other things needed to be done. I’m so glad I chose him to detail my car.



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